Jason Seib

Jason is the creator of the AltShift Diet, author of The Paleo Coach and co-host of the very successful Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast.

Jason’s passion for fitness and nutrition has kept him in constant pursuit of knowledge for over 15 years.  As his understanding of nutrition grew and his training style evolved, he became frustrated with the fitness industry and the lack of real, life changing results people saw for the money they spent.  Leaving the broken world of mainstream fitness and nutrition became his only option.

Jason’s nutrition knowledge is extensive, but his methods are unorthodox and very effective.  It requires true passion to devote as much time to something as Jason does to reading medical studies and books on nutrition, physiology, biology, and epidemiology.

Exercise is something that Jason approaches with a scientific mind and engaging in movements that make sense to your body and prevent injury are his focus.

While he enjoys training athletes, Jason finds the most gratification in helping normal people attain a level of health and fitness that they never thought possible, and he consistently does this every day at AltShift Fitness and Fat Loss.



Sometimes it takes someone believing in you before you can believe in yourself. Someone to teach you how to change unhealthy habits, thoughts, and patterns. This is my passion. I am not like the average trainer in many respects, and this allows me to understand what it’s like at the starting line and how to hold my clients accountable.

As a really unhealthy woman ready to hit  50, I was able to change my course and health forever. One of the many wonderful things I learned was that I had an unquenchable desire to share the knowledge I acquired in my own journey.  Becoming a trainer/coach was natural. 

My passion is proving that age need not inhibit any of us.  We will be as fit, healthy, and capable as we want to be.  If you bring the desire to change, I will show you how.



Merisa [mur-issa] actually started out with us as a client with no desire for a career change, but she soon realized that she was not going to be able to ignore her new found passion for helping people find their way to excellent health and fitness.  Merisa’s clients love her for her compassion and and her obvious drive to help them achieve their goals.

An excellent motivator, Merisa is able to bond with her clients and bring just the right amount of accountability to each relationship without drill sergeant methods and without overwhelming the client with more change than they can handle.  She understands that intrinsic motivation is a requirement for long term change and she helps her clients to stay focused on what really matters while meeting them where they are in their personal journey.

Those clients looking for a knowledgeable trainer who will take the time to understand their needs will be very happy with Merisa.